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At the start of 2016, I set a goal to publish 50 ways businesses are making work better.

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What is a happy workplace, anyway?

Happy workplaces give workers the compensation, autonomy, and resources they need to make meaningful contributions in both their work and their personal lives. There is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to building happy workplaces, but when all is said and done, happy workplaces bring big benefits to workers AND businesses.

Companies with the most engaged employees were more productive than competitors by1


Number of millennial workers who rank training and development above cash bonuses2


Leading retailers offering high pay and extensive training see turnover rates at3


*Compared to a 59% average turnover rate among retailers.

Artist-owned photography cooperative Stocksy United is dedicated to raising the bar of stock photography while creating fairer working conditions for photographers. Stocksy photographers enjoy profit sharing, voting in cooperative decision-making processes, and 50% of royalties on standard licenses and 75% on extended licenses. In this way, Stocksy has created a business model that fosters sustainable careers and incomes for its members.

Craft-centered ecommerce site Etsy surveys its employees every year regarding how they feel about their life outside of work, their workmates, and Etsy as a whole. Based on the survey, Etsy then publishes an annual happiness report that measures employee satisfaction and allows the public to benchmark its efforts to create employee happiness and wellbeing.

Online collaboration and project management service Basecamp is all about balance and productivity. Their latest offering, Work Can Wait, allows Basecamp users to snooze work-related notifications between hours of their choosing, like on nights and weekends. This way workers can focus on work when they’re at work and take a much-needed mental break when they’re not.

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